Occupational Therapy Cork

Cork Occupational Therapy

Occupations can be broken into three main areas: self-care (dressing, personal care, eating...), productivity (access to education) and leisure (playing with friends, partaking in hobbies...).

Our Cork Occupational Therapist works with children and families to enable them to achieve and maintain maximum potential and independence in all activities of daily living/occupations. We can suggest alternative ways of doing activities, providing advice to families and school on learning new approaches and educating on adaptive equipment if required.

An O.T. uses therapeutic techniques and activities to help maximise abilities and independence skills. Therapeutic intervention varies according to the needs of the child / young person.


Delayed Milestones

Poor Handwriting

Difficulty Concentrating

Fine Motor Difficulties 

Visual Perception Difficulties

Gross Motor Difficulties

Difficulties with self-care tasks

Sensory Processing Difficulties

Social Difficulties

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